Cibi Old Fashioned Glass – The Bladerunner glass


2 Old Fashioned glasses for whisky and spirits. Design by Cini Boeri
Capacity and Size: 22 Cl – H 84 – Ø 70

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Cibi Old Fashioned Glass – The Bladerunner glass

The Old Fashioned Tumbler from the Cibi collection, the Bladerunner Glass, is a handcrafted crystal glass ideal for lovers of whisky and spirits, but it also adapts well to italian amaro, especially on the rocks.

Cibi collection

Designed by the famous Italian designer Cini Boeri, the CIBI collection is characterized by the X-shaped body, which not only gives movement but also allows an easy and firm grip. But the visionary Cibi collection has won its place in the history of world cinema.
One spring day in 1981, an unknown customer visited the “Magic Crystal by Arnolfo di Cambio” store in Beverly Hills and bought several glasses from the CIBI collection.
The following year the movie Blade Runner, Ridley Scott’s visionary masterpiece, was released in cinemas.
The android hunter Deckard, played by Harrison Ford, sipped his Johnny Walker Black Label whisky in the Old Fashioned glass designed by Cini Boeri for Arnolfo di Cambio – the real Bladerunner Glass.

Cini Boeri Designer

Born in Milan and graduated from the Polytechnic in 1951, Cini Boeri was immediately noticed by her design teacher Giò Ponti, who encouraged her to paint.
Later, Cini Boeri began working with Marco Zanuso, becoming one of the most important Italian designers of the second half of the 20th century.

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Tumbler Old Fashioned




H 84 x Ø 70